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As a photographer and filmmaker, you have an obligation to make people aware of what our nature really looks like. Not only the beauty, but also how we treat nature with clear-cutting, littering, trophy hunting etc.

Stefan Edman, Lisa Sihlberg and I have just finished our filmproject about the Bohus coast. It´s a environmental documentary where we’re interviewing scientists and fishermen about out fishing, loss of habitats and cod, marine litter, climate etc.
I can promise you exciting interviews and beautiful landscape. Lots of facts about life both below and above the surface.
It is increasingly important to enlighten people about the environment and one way to do that is through storytelling and photos. We have chosen to do that through a 70 minute long documentary called ”Sveriges Saltaste Kust”.

About Peter Muld Productions

Peter Muld Productions is about making film, productions, photography and websites.
I started making websites 2010 and since then I have made over 60 websites for companies all over Sweden. I always work in WordPress and the theme DIVI.
Now my main focus is photography and filmmaking. Commercials, shortfilms and documentaries. I work in Final cut pro x when I produce film and for photos I work in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I´m also an exclusive artist for Pond5 where I sell some of my work.

In 2023 I became a member of the Swedish film association Naturfilmarna after an invitation from the board. Of course, very fun and honorable to have the opportunity to be involved.


It´s so important with a clean and healthy ocean without plastic and other litter that kills marine life.
Unfortunately, there is an incredible amount of plastic on the west coast of Sweden.

The worst situation in Sweden is on the west coast – which is extremely affected by the North Sea currents flowing into the Skagerrak. According to Håll Sverige Rent, Keep Sweden Clean, 5 bathtubs of litter float ashore every hour around the Bohuscoast, and the majority of all waste that floats ashore consists of plastic.

I decided to support CleanSea in their efforts to clean up the beaches from plastic and litter on the west coast.

Would you like to support them too? Click the button below and you’ll be taken to their website.


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