In recent years, I have become more and more interested in filming and in 2019 I had the chance to make a short documentary together with Stefan Edman about two brothers named Nils and Knut who grew up on Södra Fjället. At that time, I had mostly made commercials without recorded sound. I mostly used texts and music directly in the film. It was a big challenge with my equipment to make a film, but it was the sound that was the greatest challenge. My friend, Lisa Sihlberg introduced med to Adobe Audition and that saved me from a sound disaster.

Stefan and I got a taste for filmmaking and we decided to make a documentary about Bredfjället. The choice was not that difficult as we both love Bredfjället and its history.

After purchasing a new filmcamera, we got started. The project that we have worked on throughout 2020 has been incredibly fun, challenging and exciting. It has also provided many laughs, freezing early mornings and frozen nights. The result was a movie that we named ”Bredfjället in our hearts”.

The film projects continues and currently I’m working with Stefan Edman and Lisa Sihlberg on an environmental documentary about the Bohus coast where we’re interviewing scientists and fishermen about out fishing, loss of habitats, marine litter, climate etc.
I can promise you exciting interviews and lots of facts about life both below and above the surface.
It is increasingly important to enlighten people about the environment and one way to do that is through storytelling and photos. We have chosen to do that through a one-hour long documentary.

Lisa Sihlberg is involved in filming some of the material and is a great help with good ideas and knowledge.

Stefan Edman is a biologist and author, and he has a great knowledge and experience in writing scripts.
Stefan also do the speaker in the film.

I do most of the filming and I´m also the producer.

In 2023 I became a member of the Swedish film association Naturfilmarna after an invitation from the board. Of course, very fun and honorable to have the opportunity to be involved.



Nils och Knut

A short film about two brothers who are born and raised at Södra Fjället.

Bredfjället i våra hjärtan

History, nature, folklore and stories of Bredfjället

Nils hemma på gården Hillingsäter

Nils continues to talk about his life


Historien om Ljungskile

Stories about the men and women who helped build Ljungskile. Interesting and exciting stories from the 19th century to the present day.

Sveriges Saltaste Kust

Documentary about the Swedish westcoast. Mainly about the environment, ghost fishing, littering, interviews with scientists and fishermen.


Watch trailer below.

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After the purchase, they are free to use for projects that can be shown everywhere.

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The movies below have nothing to do with Pond5 but are selections from my Youtube page.

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