Sweden´s Saltiest Coast

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Swedens saltiest Coast

Finally, we have the opportunity to present our documentary “Sveriges Saltaste Kust” (The Saltiest Coast of Sweden) to you at various locations along the West Coast. The schedule is constantly being updated, so check the website if you want to stay informed.


Join us along the Bohus Coast in this new, unique documentary about Sweden’s saltiest sea. Marvel at the magical flora and fauna of Skagerrak and the abundance of life that thrives there. Explore our richest marine diversity with 6000 species in the Koster Fjord, which is actually 250 meters deep at its deepest point. Meet researchers and fishermen who discuss the threats and hopes for the environment and biological diversity. Be inspired by people cleaning the seabed and shores, recycling materials from waste, and creating new innovative products such as steering wheel covers, facade materials, watch straps, trawls, nets, and lobster pots. Learn about exciting projects aimed at helping cod, blue mussels, corals, and eelgrass.

Script & Narrator: Stefan Edman Photography & Production: Peter Muld Photography: Lisa Sihlberg Underwater Photography: Tobias Dahlin

The film will be shown throughout Western Sweden during the fall of 2023 and spring of 2024
amongst other locations:


8 oktober – Ljungskile Bio kl 15.00 och 17.00 PREMIÄR!
9 oktober – Hunnebostrand, Kulturhuset Hav och Land, kl 19.00
10 oktober – Hunnebostrand, Kulturhuset Hav och Land, kl 11.00
18 oktober – Ljungskile församling, Hemgården, kl 19.00
21 oktober – Klädesholmen, kl 15.00
25 oktober – Stenungsund, Bio Fregatten kl 19.00
8 november – Lysekils Folkets hus – Biografen kl 18.00
15 november – Skärhamn, Nordiska Akvarellmuseet kl 18.30
19 november – Uddevalla, Bohusläns Museum kl 14.00
20 november – Kungälv, Bio Trappan kl 19.00
21 november – Ellös, Ellös bio/ Ellösparken kl 19.00
3 december – Tjärnö marinbiologiska laboratorium kl 15.00
17 december – Uddevalla, Bohusläns museum kl.14.00


10 januari – Björkö, Music Society kl 18.00 BUY TICKET
14 januari – Marstrand, Havshotellet kl 16.00
17 januari – Uddevalla, Biostaden kl.09.00 visning för skolungdomar
24 januari – Göteborg, BioRoy kl 18.00, BUY TICKET
28 januari – Strömstad, Bio Park kl 15.00 BUY TICKET
31 januari – Henån, Kajutan kl 19.00

3 februari – Årsta bio, Stockholm kl 14.00. (I regi av Bohusläns Gille i Stockholm.) BUY TICKET
6 februari – Visning för Sotenäs skolungdomar
7 februari – Visning för Sotenäs skolungdomar
9 februari – Scandinavian Wildlife Film Festival, Hunnebostrand
15 februari – Grebbestad, Bio Storm kl 18.00 BUY TICKET
18 februari – Göteborg, BioRoy kl 16.00 BUY TICKET
25 februari – Göteborg, BioRoy kl 13:45 BUY TICKET

3 mars – Tjörn Hembygdsgården, Bräcke kl 15.00
5 mars – Mölnlycke, Råda Rum kl 18.00 BUY TICKET
7 mars – Ellös Bio Ellösparken kl 18.00 BUY TICKET
9 mars – Gullhomen, Gullholmsgården (Naturmuseet) kl 17.00
13 mars – Dyrön, Trålverket kl 18.30
16 mars – Fjällbacka Kyrka kl 17.00
18 mars – Dals Ed, Svea-Bio, Stallbacken kl 18.00
21 mars – Hjärtum, Hjärtumsgården kl 18.30
24 mars – Göteborg, BioRoy kl 17:15 BUY TICKET

3 juni – Stenungsund, Montessoriskolan

Vecka 27 – Sydkoster. Kosterhavets Nationalpark, naturum

31 oktober – Koster, Konst- och Musikfestivalen kl 15.00


Do you want to book “Sveriges Saltaste Kust” for a screening?

We are happy to come and show it for companies, conferences, cinemas, etc. After the film, we are also available to answer any questions regarding the film and its content.

Requirements for screening:

  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Sound system

The film can be delivered in DCP, 4K MP4, or Blu-ray formats.

Email for a quote to my colleagues: pe******************@gm***.com st******@te***.com


Peter Muld: +46706029849

Stefan Edman: +46708163108

Sveriges Saltaste Kust



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